Sittingwell® Cushion

We designed this cushion because patients complained of experiencing back pain sitting on their sofa’s but they didn’t want an instantly recognisable orthopaedic cushion for all visitors to see.

We believe that the Sittingwell® Cushion is the perfect blend of support with style.  We hope you agree.

Most likely you are looking at this page thinking ‘I don’t get it, I thought this was meant to be a looking at back support for the sofa and all I can see is the inside of a standard cushion???’

We completely get that.  It has been the tricky part of the marketing for this product.

We agree at first glance, it looks like an expensive cushion.  Plus it doesn’t even come with a cover.

You see what is confusing at first is part of the beauty of this product.  Yes, it is a back support cleverly disguised as a sofa cushion.  It helps to take out some of the depth of a sofa that is too deep.  Plus it has a contoured lumbar support within it to support your lower back just where it needs it the most. 

Once inside of a cushion cover, no one can tell AND you will be able to sit in comfort on your sofa once more without wriggling around in pain and discomfort.

Although beware we have many people who report that there spot on the sofa is no longer safe because people are drawn to the Sittingwell® back support cushion and will sit against it leaving you needing to find somewhere else to sit……