In The Car

It can be very frustrating to find your car isn’t as comfortable as you expected.  You may have done a test drive or have the newer model of a car you’ve had before and everything seemed fine. Longer journey’s and more consistent use can show up the issues that cause pain.

Thankfully most problems can be resolved by adding a back support, wedge or both to your car seat.

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Back Supports For The Car

Car Seat Wedges

Our range of back supports and sitting wedges in this section are all designed for use in the car.

A back support can help provide better lumbar (lower back) support if your car seat doesn’t have anything, or what it does have is in the wrong place and not adjustable.

Sitting wedges can help take out the harsh angle of a sports or bucket style seat that can lead to pinching in the groin/hip, or cause you to slump and put strain on the lower back.