Rehab & Fitness Equipment Accessories

The Sittingwell Accessories range is designed to provide you with all those little things that just make life a bit easier.


There are two types of pump which cover all our inflatables. The dual action pump can be used with all the Swiss/Exercise balls we stock. The needle pump works with anything from the Franklin Ball range or SitFit products, to both inflate and deflate them. The SitFit plus does come with one already in the box, so you don’t to buy it separately.

When using an exercise ball as a chair, the stabiliser ensures it doesn’t roll away when you stand up. It can also be used as a simple way to store your exercise ball when you are not using it.

The gym mat carry bag is a really useful accessory for any of our gym or Pilates mats. When you need to store your gym mat, or take it to a class, simply pop it in one of these bags.