Pregnancy Accessories

These items are important extra’s to help pump up your birthing ball and to store it in one place.  The ball stabiliser is also really helpful for keeping your ball stable if you are using it to sit on for longer time periods.

 Our Sissel comfort cushion covers come in a great range of designs.


Birthing balls are great but it can be a pain chasing them around the room each time you stand up. The swiss ball stabiliser is a handy way to store your birthing ball when you are not using it. Instead of having to deflate and reinflate it each time, pop it on the stabiliser and it will be just where you left it when you are ready to use it next.

Birthing balls don’t come with a pump. The dual action pump is easy to use and quick to get the air in as the inflate whether you are pushing or pulling the pump arm. These can then be used with any other exercise ball or swiss ball too.