Pregnancy Support Cushions

The Sissel Comfort Cushion is a versatile pregnancy support cushion. Due to it’s shape you can use it to support various body parts during pregnancy.  See the information below the products to see how versatile it will be.

With your Sissel Comfort cushion you can:

  • Have it resting behind you to ease back ache.
  • Use it between your legs when lying on your side.
  • Prop it behind you when sitting or lying in bed.

Once your baby has arrived your pregnancy support cushion can be adapted as a nursing cushion too. Using this cushion you can cradle your baby comfortably when feeding. You will be able to take the strain of your back, shoulders and arms as your baby rests on your support cushion. It’s a really lovely way to feel close to your new bundle of joy and know they have something cosy to lie on.

The pregnancy support cushion has many different coloured and patterned covers too. Just select your favourite comfort cushion cover from our range.