Rehab & Fitness Equipment

Whether you are looking from products to get fitter, stay fit or for rehabilitation after an injury we’re confident that we stock a great range of products to help keep you fit and active.

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Yoga & Pilates

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Franklin Method

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Foam Rollers & Self Massage


NeckSaviour Neck Stretcher



The Rehab & fitness equipment products we supply are chosen for their versatility and quality. Health and fitness should be fun and enjoyable, especially if it is something you are going to maintain throughout life.  We’ve got something within our Health Fitness equipment range for everyone (we hope). From strength and conditioning equipment, to yoga and Pilates products


Increasing the speed to your recovery is important to help you get back to doing the things that you love. Rehabilitation is an important factor to this. Depending on whether you are needing to reduce inflammation, stretch or strengthen we have the products that can help.

Exercise balls can be used for back exercises at home as well as in the gym and often within Pilates.

If you strengthen your back and actively do core strengthening you will be doing a lot to prevent back pain occurring to begin with. Whether that be through using exercise balls, Pilates or Yoga, keep up the good work.