Sitting Wedges

The angle of a sitting wedge helps to raise you up on your seat, helping your hips to be higher than your knees and tilt your pelvis forwards a little. 

The result. You will naturally sit better, improve your posture and reduce tension on your spine.

 We have a number of different heights and firmnesses to suit your personal needs.

The combination of these actions reduces strain on your lower back which in turn reduces pain, giving you back pain relief.

Because they are lightweight, they are easily transportable so you only need one product to use on your chairs at home, at work or in the car. We have provided a number of orchestras with sitting wedges whilst they are performing at concerts because they enable them to sit on hard and uncomfortable chairs for longer so they can just sit and enjoying playing.

**If you suffer with coccyx pain be sure to buy a model with the coccyx area cut out to relieve the pressure in that region.

For more information on sitting wedges please see click on the link to read our guide.