Your current neck pillow may be contributing to your pain whilst you are sleeping.

All of the pillows in our range are orthopaedically designed to support your head and neck helping you to sleep in comfort and reduce the chances of headaches as well as neck and back pain (even snoring too on some occasions!)

It is so important to sleep well; however you may find that your current foam pillow is not helping because it is too high, hard, soft, or lumpy and all of this is adding up to back pain at night and a restless night’s sleep. Your foam pillow may also be adding to neck pain, headaches and even that groggy headed feeling in the morning.

We have the foam and memory foam pillows to cater for your needs and have carefully selected each one – many pillows haven’t made the grade. If this is your first time using this type of pillow, then be sure to try it for several nights. As with anything new, different can feel strange plus, as your neck will be supported in a better position, it may need a bit of time to adapt to the new and better position.

Remember, we have our 30-day returns policy for just this purpose so that you get a good chance to know that your pillow is comfortable and the right one for you.

If you are still confused about which is the best neck pillow for you, please watch our short video so that you can make the best decision.