How A Sitting Wedge Can Save You Money…

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wedge cushion How can a sitting wedge save you money?

What would you do with an extra £400 in your bank account every single year?

You could invest it, treat yourself guilt free, put it towards an extra holiday – the possibilities are endless.

OK, so by this point you are probably intrigued as to how I have come up with this figure and wondering where I am going with this. After all a sitting wedge can’t trade on the stock markets, be researching holiday savings for you, or do a bit of wheeling and dealing to score you with your most wanted item of the moment.

Well the reason for this article all came about after seeing a patient recently in our clinic. She has an on going back problem that has troubled her for years. I have treated her in clinic and the treatment has helped she still required on going care every 1-2 months.

Until….. (drum roll) she invested in a sitting wedge.

At that time we had recently changed the sitting wedge on the chair patients sit on to the Sissel Sit Special 2in1. That seat gets a lot of wear and having replaced the previous sitting wedge after 2 years we changed it to this one as it is so hard wearing and durable it also has the option to take the coccyx section out for patients with pain in this area. So the patient I am referring to sat down and really liked the product. She was in the process of having her chair assessed at work as it was contributing to her pain. As a result the company she worked for paid for the product and saved themselves the cost of a new chair at the same time.

The next time we met she mentioned that she had stopped using the wedge as she was getting achy on it. After discussion we established this was due to a getting used to sitting in a more upright position and using her back muscles more. I reassured her that in this instance it was a good sign and to increase the amount of time she was using the sitting wedge and things will improve as her back got stronger.

Now comes the exciting bit. The next time I saw this patient was in October last year (it is now March) this is the longest that this patient has ever gone in between treatment sessions. The only change being the sitting wedge that she now loves and has noticed that her posture is naturally better even when she is not using it as her back is stronger as a result of using her muscles more. So taking in to account the previous frequency of treatments and lets say I may still see her three times a year for a MOT treatment (currently £44 each) this means a saving of £176-£400 pounds a year. Not bad for a product that costs as little as £19.95.

If this has got to intrigued and you would like to find out more check out the sitting wedge section of our website for an informative video and article and to view the wedges we have on offer.

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