Obstructive Sleep Apnoea – CPAP Pillows

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Obstructive Sleep Apnoea – CPAP Pillows


If you suffer with obstructive sleep apnoea the chances are you use a mask at night.


  • If so do you get air leaks or dents and red marks on your face after sleeping with your CPAP mask?
  • Do you know about CPAP pillows and how they can help you get a better nights sleep?
A lady with brown hair is lying in bed facing towards the camers she has a CPAP machine on and is sleeping under a clay grey/green duvet set. You can't tell due to the cushion cover but she is sleeping on a CPAP pillow which is preventing any pressure from her CPAP machine

Obstructive sleep apnoea in itself causes disturbed sleep as your oxygen levels drop forcing you out of a lovely deep sleep into a lighter phase of sleep or causing you to wake completely. This in itself can leave you feeling so much more tired than you need to during the day.

The pillow that you sleep was most likely the least of your worries when you were fitted for your CPAP mask and machine.


Ensure you get the right CPAP Mask

CPAP masks can certainly be uncomfortable as we all have different face shapes and sizes. It is important to get the best make for you so that you receive the optimal therapeutic effect possible to help your obstructive sleep apnoea.


Full face masks cover your nose and mouth with straps that cover your forehead and cheeks. These have a stable fit and most essential if you move a lot in your sleep. Nasal pillows fit under your nose with straps they are less bulky and cover less of your face so beneficial if you wear glasses and read with your mask on and if you feel claustrophobic in a full face mask.


Sleep-Apnea-Pillows Some masks are more comfortable than others. I conducted some research to see which were the best rated.

Mrs Susan P Bradbury the Senior Chief Medical Technical Officer at the North Staffordshire Hospital has found in her experience that the most comfortable CPAP masks are produced by Respironics, Sullivan and Tiara Medical in addition to the four strap headgear by DeVilbiss, which doesn’t move during the night so there are no leaks. She has also had the most success with the Nellcor Puriton Bennett Nasal Pillow.


Are pillows designed for CPAP Masks?

It is all very well having the most comfortable CPAP mask for you but you still need to lie on a pillow at night. The pressure of the mask against your pillow can cause discomfort as it pushes into your face and causes red marks. The pressure can also move your mask sideways and cause air leaks which will be counterproductive for you.

CPAP-Pillow-For-Sleep-Apnea If you are frustrated by this problem then you must try a CPAP pillow which has ahandy cut away in the area that your CPAP mask would sit so that you can lie on your side without any undue pressure.

At Sittingwell we have a range of CPAP Pillows available including a travel version. If you haven’t tried a CPAP pillow before and worried that it won’t be for you remember all products come with our 30 no quibble money back guarantee.

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