Are You In Need Of A Workstation Assessment?

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Workstation Assessment

Fit and Able are chartered physiotherapists who help people suffering with work related aches and pains. By using our knowledge of the human body and posture; coupled with experience treating physical conditions we can identify the most likely work aggravating activity with the symptoms reported.

The business was established in 2004 by Jenny Collis, who having worked in physiotherapy in both the NHS and private sectors for more than 20 years became increasingly aware of an increase in people complaining of aches and pains associated with computer use. Following undertaking post-graduate training in Occupational Health and Ergonomics, she became an Access to Work assessor providing work station assessments. Over the years, she gained experience working in a variety of industries and with different work roles, particularly in the pharma industry, working in labs, packaging and production but also with sales reps and home workers across the UK. This led to the development of a network of assessors to provide a uniform service to be delivered anywhere as required for many businesses.

We now have a UK wide network so we can visit an individual wherever they work, be it an office, at home, in a factory or warehouse, or even in the vehicle, if driving is the issue.

So What Happens During An Assessment?

To start with we will spend time discussing the symptoms and how that impacts on both work and home life. We will take a full history of the work requirements and then observe the individual performing their role. We provide immediate advice on how to manage the symptoms at work and implement solutions where possible. The assessment findings are compiled in to a comprehensive report which in most cases encompasses both employee and employer recommendations. As physiotherapists, we are strong believers in the importance of ensuring correct work posture and routines as much as the provision of specialist equipment. However, when equipment is required we have close working relationships with many suppliers that enables us to acquire discounts which we pass directly to our clients.

What Type Of Workstation Assessments Do We Carry Out?

Simple work station assessment

  • For all employees using computer work stations to meet HSE requirements for Display Screen Equipment ( DSE) Users
  • Training and self-assessment with an on-site visit for identified high risk users; or on-site assessment for all (15-20 minutes per assessment)
  • Completion of a DSE checklist for each worker
  • Summary report for the business

New and expectant mother work station assessments:

  • On-site assessment (30-45mins)
  • Advice and training regarding specific ergonomic risks associated with this group
  • Meets HSE requirements
  • Full report with recommendations
  • Discounts available for any additional equipment recommendations from most UK suppliers

Complex Work Station Assessment:

  • For those with physical pain at work (e.g. back, neck or upper limb pain)
  • On-site assessment (45-60mins)
  • Immediate advice and solutions provided
  • Full written report with recommendations
  • Discounts available for any additional equipment recommendations from most UK suppliers

Not only do we work reactively with employers, we can offer pro-active support, by helping with compliance with Health and Safety Regulations for computer users; but also, attending health and wellbeing events.

For further information on our services please visit our website:

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