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Alyth Yelland is a Pilates instructor local to Sittingwell HQ. In this follow up article she describes briefly about Pilates and the form that she has trained in.

Body Control Pilates with Alyth YellandPILATES

What is it and what are the benefits?

Pilates is gentle balanced exercise which helps to improve posture, flexibility and strength, among other benefits including balance and breathing. It is also helps improve joint and back pain.The beauty is that it can be performed by any age or ability making it universally accessible

Pilates aids relaxation, posture, flexibility, mobility, strength, muscle tone, stamina, breathing, balance, joint and back pain. It is used by elite athletes such as rugby players, rowers and dancers to complement their existing training and to help reduce possible injuries.


Why I trained with Body Control Pilates

What I liked about Body Control Pilates is that classes are limited to no more than 12 clients in a group, so there is always a good client teacher ratio and clients are kept safe. We are taught various teaching methods including the use of a “hands on” approach when needed to help clients learn and understand a movement.

As student teachers we all attended a rigorous course covering all aspects of the body and the Pilates discipline. We then begin supervised teaching until Body Control is satisfied that we are ready to take exams. These involve a rigorous practical and written assessment which leads to the nationally recognised level 3 matwork qualification.

Pilates to help back pain

Out of all the bodies, Body Control has the most comprehensive training worldwide and is Europe’s largest professional Pilates organisation with over 1,400 teaching members. We all work to a Code of Practice governing teaching standards, professional ethics and continuing education.

Pilates and Me

My name is Alyth Yealland and I am passionate about Pilates. I am a certified Body Control Pilates teacher and teach classes for the community in Oxfordshire and Berkshire as well as private sessions for both adults and children. I was drawn to Pilates to help my constant back pain which I had suffered from since a small child. I quickly found out the benefits for myself and discovered that when I did regular exercises my back pain stopped.

I regularly attend classes, courses, workshops and conferences to keep developing my own education and training.

If you are local to Henley on Thames, Knowl Hill, Crazie’s Hill, Sonning Common or Hurley and are interested in Pilates classes then you can find out more on Alyth’s website. She also offers a free taster session if you would just like to come along and see if this is the right class for you.

If you missed her first article about Pilates and back pain treatment click on this link to find out more.

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