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More and more people are working from home now.  Unfortunately I have spoken with loads of people that are suffering with back pain as the set up they have at home is far from ideal.

Many of us simply can’t have a dedicated fully functioning office at home.

  • Are you in a studio or one bedroomed flat?
  • Is every room in the house already taken?
  • Are you working on the sofa, at the dining room table or in your bedroom?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these it means you need to be adaptable.  Really a cumbersome office chair is the last thing you want cluttering up your home.

A man sat on his sofa with his laptop infront of him holding his neck because working in this way is causing pain. Back-Pain-Working-From-Home

Just because you can’t have the perfect set up it doesn’t mean that you have to be suffering with pain and making do.

Here are a few pointers to find a practical solution.


Are you able to sit with your hips higher than your knees?  This encourages better posture and reduces pressure on your lower back.  This really is a must.

Are you sitting upright or slouching? …..Did you just sit up straighter at the mention of this!?

Deep, low sofa’s only encourage slouching.  If you can’t use a back support to help you to sit better.  I’m afraid I have bad news.  If you can.  You need to find somewhere else to work from.

Are you able to sit with your laptop straight ahead to you?  Twisting your body or having your head turned at an angle is a sure route to pain.

So if you can, find somewhere to sit where you can achieve all of the above.   If you would like more information on how to sit at a workstation check out our article.  The information is relevant whether it is proper desk or not.


Products that can help relieve back pain working from home:

For this next part of the article we’ll guide you towards some products that you can use on your chair that can then be stored away if you don’t want them cluttering up the house once your work day is finished.  Although you may find they are so helpful that they stick around.

This may be a surprise, but I am not going to mention a single back support….

Why?  You may ask.

A back support may support your lower back and yes they can be helpful but most, no matter how hard you try, end up slouching and not sitting against them.  Also whilst working at a computer many people end up leaning forwards concentrating on the task at hand, rendering the back support useless.

Plus the chances are if you are sat on a dining room chair it will be difficult for you to sit with your knees lower than your hips purely due of the standard chair dimensions.  No back support can offset the effects of that.

A lady sat working on her laptop at her dining room table. Relieve-Back-Pain-Working-From-Home

There are two types of product that you need to consider.

1 – The SitFit or SitFit Plus

Think of these products as being the cross between a sitting wedge and a swiss ball that fits on your chair (we do have a tongue in cheek video about that.  We just wanted to get the message across in a way that will hopefully add a smile to your day.  It genuinely was the first time Lorna managed to do it even after the multiple takes that we did before…)  I’ve popped the video at the end in case you’re intrigued to see what I mean.

The SitFit Plus

I am totally biased about this product.  In fact I’m sat on it right now as I type.  Because of its shape you get more of the  downwards sloping angle/sitting wedge effect.

As it’s air filled you are doing lots of micro-movements while you sit which means:

  • When you are sitting up on it your posture is automatically better.
  • You are constantly rebalancing, so your core muscles (back and stomach) are working. Therefore you are strengthening your back whilst you sit and work without even need to put extra effort in thinking about it.
  • The extra height lifts you up increasing the chances that your hips will be higher than your knees (just make sure your feet reach the ground)
  • Movement activates the creative parts of your brain. This can improve concentration, problem solving, lateral thinking.  We can’t promise that means a promotion or sudden genius moments.
  • It acts like a gentle rehab for your back if you currently experience pain in any area of your back.
  • It can help to support recovery if you are already seeing a hands on therapist.
  • Because you are using your muscles more you must use more calories per day….
  • Not at all posture related but If you have an ankle injury you can stand on it and use it like a wobble board.

The SitFit does all of the above too the only difference is that because it is completely circular then you don’t quite get the same sitting wedge angle benefits.

2 – Sitting Wedges

These also help you to:

  • Sit so that your hips are higher than your knees.
  • Sit upright.
  • Encourage better posture.
  • Use your core muscles more.

You just don’t get the air-filled benefits of the mico-movements that you do with a SitFit Plus.

The main consideration with a sitting wedge is that the higher it is the more you will need to use your back muscles to sit up well.  So if you are new to a wedge then a slimline or an 8 degree will be the better option for you.  The only exception is that if you are tall and your seat is really low then you may need an 11 degree wedge to bring you up enough to make sure that your hips are higher than your knees.

Easy to store:

Once you’ve finished your work day you can decide whether to store your product in a draw out of site or if you are anything like me you will walk around sitting on it whether you are indoors or out….

So there you go, all you need to know to make sure that you can sit well without the need for an office chair cluttering up your home. 

In summary remember:

  • Make sure you can sit with your hips above your knees.
  • Sit straight ahead to laptop/desktop.
  • A sitting wedge or inflatable/wobble cushion will be more helpful than a back support.