Back Support Cushions For Sofa’s – Our Top 3

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Stop Your Sofa Being A Pain

We’re guessing that your sofa is causing you back pain and you are looking for the best solution so that you can sit in comfort.  You’ve come to the right place.  We will highlight our top 3 back supports cushions for sofa’s and how they could help you.

Sissel-Dorsaback-Back-Support-on Sofa copy

Sissel Full Dorsaback And Dorsaback Sofa Back Support

Both are useful if your sofa is too soft. The full Dorsaback support has a back and a base made from marine ply covered in foam, perfect if the seat of your sofa is soft and sagging. The plywood allows the Dorsaback to maintain the correct shape to support your back even on the softest sofa. The thin foam layer ensures it feels comfortable to sit against. The Dorsaback sofa back support is only the back section, great for a dining room chair.

Sittingwell® Back Support Cushion For Sofa’s

This is a back support that looks just like any ordinary cushion.  Which we realise can be confusing in the marketing as on first appearance you think you are just looking at any other sofa cushion…..It is this feature that makes it so unique for using at home.  Who needs to know you need a back support? Pop a cushion cover on it and it blends in with the rest of your soft furnishings. This back support is at its most helpful when your sofa is too deep and unsupportive.

A homely scene. The background is cream as is the deep chair, the fabric of which has white stripes horizontally and vertically. Drapped over the back of the chair is a union jack cushion cover and leaning against the back of the chair is a Sittingwell back support for the sofa and deep chairs similar to the one it is displayed on. The Sittingwell cushion does just look like a white square - the inside of a cushion before the cover goes on, that's the magic of it, noone ever knows and your home looks as fab as ever
Sissel-Dorsaback-Back-Support-on Sofa copy

Harley V-Pillow

This pillow is excellent when you feel that you need support behind your neck and shoulders more so than your lower back.  It will also bring your forwards on your chair so does help to eliminate depth for sofas that are too deep.

In summary if you are just finding your sofa:

Too soft then the Dorsaback supports would be the best for you.

To soft and/or too deep then the Sittingwell cushion.

If it is too deep and you need more support for your neck and shoulders then the Harley V-pillow.

We are aware that Sofa’s are a significant cause to back pain at home as such we have compiled a range of articles to help you to overcome back pain whilst at home.  These articles can be found in our advice hub.