3 Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

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Christmas is fast approaching and the New Year is often a time to set resolutions and make a healthy start to the year. So why not buy your friends and family Christmas gifts that are a little different and will be well used and appreciated throughout 2018.

We have a great range of fitness and exercise equipment for working out at home so be sure to check out our full range. To start we have selected a few items to give you some healthy Christmas gift inspiration:

Pilates Mini Ball

sissel pilates ball for core strengthingTheir name is deceiving as they can be used for any core strengthening work. These fantastic core strengthening balls are a great addition to any workout and much smaller than other exercise balls. There is a choice of 22cm and 26cm and can be quickly inflated with the straw enclosed in the box. When you have finished they are equally as quick to deflate so that you can fold them up and tidy them away when you are done – no need for un-necessary clutter if you are limited on space.

Each box comes with an photographic range of exercises you can do. Of course if you are doing a workout from home you may want a gym mat too 🙂

Follow these links for our full range of Pilates and  Yoga equipment

Resistance Bands

Maybe you are short on space but would like to do some work to strengthen and tone your arms and legs. If so resistance bands are a perfect solution. They fold down to practically nothing and with the use of a door anchor you can adapt to target particular muscles.

Door anchor for use with resistance bands


Sittingwell Back Support Cushion

I know, I know we’re biased.  Of course we are, but we also know how useful this product is.  Whether that be to support an aching back and help make watching Christmas TV more comfortable or by helping you to sit in a supported way throughout the rest of the year, the Sittingwell Cushion can do it all.  Remember to look after your back it is your best supporter.

How To Stop Back Pain with the sittingwell cushion The Sittingwell lumbar support Cushion for your sofa



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